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 Mod Application

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PostSubject: Mod Application   Sat 22 Aug 2009 - 22:52

1. Username:bloodkiller

2. How Will You Help out:I will watch over and get any rule breakers.

3. Have you ever had experience as a staff:Yes i have been admin on 2 different severs,co owner on one,and mod on another.

4. Tell what makes this server great:Its easy,but not to easy,no lag,great staff,ect.

5. Are you active in the forums?:Not yet but i plan to be.

6. How long have you been playing?:Not very long,about 4 hours.

7. What level are you?:90

8.proof of experience as a staff(screenshot,video):New computer,none saved.

9. Any other comments?:I feel i am fair and that i would be a great staff member

10. Would anyone recommend you for staff?:No one i know.
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PostSubject: how will u help people   Sun 23 Aug 2009 - 0:05

how would u help them if they need help
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PostSubject: Re: Mod Application   Sun 23 Aug 2009 - 0:49

Sorry dude but you dont really read the rules now do you you need 5 posts and 2 days to become a mod and you might as well wait for the new client. Topic locked and denied sorry man
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PostSubject: Re: Mod Application   Sun 23 Aug 2009 - 0:54

-.- forgot to move the topic. I got it

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PostSubject: Re: Mod Application   

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Mod Application
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